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    I need it, i downloaded it but i couldent figure it out i dont know whats seems to be the prob. it just kept instaling and would take up all of my hard drive untill i ran out of room. (20 gg0and another copy i think was a virus, i want the game so bad but i dont ant to have to buy it , so if someone coule please point me in the right direction ide be in dept to you.
    Had same prob with the new command and conqour also
    THx Dimebag

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    File: Age_of_Mythology_CD1.FLT.ShareReactor.BIN
    Length: 572655552 Bytes, 559234KB
    UUHash: =K7vdkhX26n9Dw7wOYK0zKVxQV4M=

    File: Age_of_Mythology_CD1.FLT.ShareReactor.cue
    Length: 103 Bytes, 0KB
    UUHash: =2oGxIfdsdWoX6g3AlYZABZj///8=

    File: Age_of_Mythology_CD2.FLT.ShareReactor.BIN
    Length: 606477312 Bytes, 592263KB
    UUHash: =1ow8jOy8utU7aBY3BvSLKUhw4Nk=

    File: Age_of_Mythology_CD2.FLT.ShareReactor.cue
    Length: 103 Bytes, 0KB
    UUHash: =CB15ZdcKnN+P7sL26Siev5j///8=

    File: Age_of_Mythology_FLT.ShareReactor.nfo
    Length: 4664 Bytes, 5KB
    UUHash: =04rIRhGOqjNfj26vKYJ6aMft//8=

    I have this copy and I am playing it right now I had a problem with the crack but I fixed it.

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    So what do i need to download all those diffent files or is it just one, sorry kind of a nub here

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    Open up kazaa and click on tools. Select K-Sig (u should see a window with K-Sig in the top LH corner).
    Highlight the file info individually and copy it.
    Example (highlight this):

    File: Age_of_Mythology_CD1.FLT.ShareReactor.BIN
    Length: 572655552 Bytes, 559234KB
    UUHash: =K7vdkhX26n9Dw7wOYK0zKVxQV4M=

    Click on the K-sig window select file @ the top of the window and scroll down the list and leftclick on Paste From Clipboard the .dat file should now be in your shared folder.

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    well i dont see no k-sig, i see sig2dat but thast it, sorry to be such a pain in your ass but please more help

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    well i figured that part out its the sam ething, but what does the dat file do for you?

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    yay i figured out how to download it hope the install part works
    thx for your help everyone, and hope i dont have to ask anything else lol


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    um please help me i dont get it it, do i need all five of those files and do i need to burn them on a cd before i can install them or what\. please please lease please somone help me

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    You need the two bin files, and then you will want to mount them. For compete instruction on how to use the bins check the link in my signature.

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