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Thread: unable to connect!!

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    ok so i bought a small block on Usenet-News, i tried both of their server address on every given port plus i tried SSL but on all i get error's.
    these the following errors i get.

    error 10060 time out
    Error 502 Auth faild 563/443
    Error 502 Auth failed 119/3128/443
    "unable to connect" error 10060 "connection
    "unable to connect" error 10061 "connection 
    time out"
    any1 got idea what may be causing this.

    wow their support is superb
    i got respond from them in less then 5 mins

    ok am having this problem now...
    am trying to update the headers and its dead slow am getting like 3kBs and on some groups which has like 1,000,000 headers ETA is about 10 hours, above all its disconnects on random bases then i must update again, even downloads are same.
    am using SSL because i cant connects to other servers, is thats what causing the slow down?
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