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Thread: Help with multiple trackers

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    Is it possible to seed one torrent on multiple trackers? I'm using mu torrent (utorrent?) 1.6.1. I tried to add other trackers onto one of my torrents by adding the announce URL in the properties, but I get errors.

    Help is greatly appreciated.

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    You must redownload torrent from the site you want to seed and add to your client (uTorrent)

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    just download the torrent from each tracker you want to seed the release on and point them to the location where the files are saved.. They will perform a hash check then seed.

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    Also make sure that all the filenames match up, and of coarse that the file is the exact same one with the same size. You can check do not dl just to be safe when you add the torrent from the site you are trying to seed on .There are some great tuts out there, I would look in the forum of the site you are on and see what kind of tutorials and guides are available. Good Luck

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    It is possible and a great way to increase your upload on multiple sites at the same time.


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