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Thread: Midnight Club 2 Desktop Problem

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    Apr 2003
    Hello, I am at my cuzins computer he has a 1.6ghz, 512mb, 80gb and a 32mb gforce 2, We installed the game and made 2 profiles. One for me and one for him, He was reacing this mexican girl where you gota beat her on checkpoints. When he gets to one more to go, it boots back to the desktop! Always happens! This doesnt happen on my profile even though I have different people to race? Why? Can anyone help?

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    i sorta have a problem like this too, but much more fucking frusterating, k i unpack it and ahit and i enter the game then when i try to race on anything it crashes and goes to the desk top

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    I went to and got a razor crack for it, it wil be fine now hopefully!

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    Same thing happens to me when i race the chick in the Integra too. Once i get past a certain checkpoint, the game just quits and boots me to desktop. Im using the crack that came with the game but bytemonsoon is down so I cant look for the Razor crack. Anyone with the same problem or with a solution?

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    Theres a working crack on the cd dummy. On cd 1 thers a folder called Razor1911.

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    I know theres a crack in there, thats how I got the game to work but the game crashes at the same place the poster was talking about.

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    so has any1 found a working fix for that problem with it crashing when racing against the intergra?

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    Damnit this is pissing me off. Had a huge lead and when I get to the two cops, the game crashes. Tried different routes around the cops and it still crashes. Anyone have a fix for this or a saved game file that they can send me with the game saved after this race?

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    im gonna buy it i think.
    does any1s screen go black or green for 5 secons during a race?
    happens to me! and when i change the resolution it crashes too
    has any1 tried the alcohol 120% version? does it work?

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    I have ripped version from class 180mb & it works perfect completed already 85% with no crashes only movie & music missing but i don't need them ,hell i can play online too its perfect rip dlded from BT so go get it just extract movies & music from your razor version & go for it.Good Luck

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