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    Do many people bother to regularly scan for viruses in the files that they are sharing. Just lately over half of the files i've been downloading i have removed from my system after finding viruses in them, sometimes more than one type from the same source.

    I have my antivirus setup to realtime scan all files as they are downloaded, it saves me a lot of trouble as some of the viruses i've encountered are extremely nasty and difficult to remove once they get onto a system.

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    Hope your not using KaZaa for software or exe files, especially without verifieds. I would suggest using KaZaa for media and using sites like ShareReactor with Shareaza or eMule for software and exe files, this will save you alot of headaches and you will also find your files quicker since there are way to many malicious files that are non media on KaZaa these days.

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    Unfortunately some of the files have come from verifieds list. I get the file name from the sig2 and search for it via kazaa , then download it when I've found a few sources for it, as it speeds up downloads.

    Note I said the filenames from verified not the actual files.

    Anyway if users tended to keep on top of the housekeeping and scan regularly for viruses then the virus won't spread over the networks.

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    The people on this board are a minority of Kazaa users. Most Kazaa users turn it on, download whatever, and open it without any type of scanning or anti-virus. Or they open unknown attachments in email. The reason certain viruses spread is because of the general ignorance of the majority of internet users.

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    i always have my antivirus going, having BB you are open to attack with a static ip more so than dynamic. if u get a trojan on ur system it may lye dormant and not be detected untill it goes into action

    Not just this but viruses or exploits can be embedded into webpages. Plus there are other features of an AV.

    it dont take up many cpu cycles and it just provides this little extra protection.
    I feel i dont really need to have it runing when i have kazaa running cos i know the types of files to download and open , and im generally safe when it comes to surfing, but the script kiddies are a resourcefull bunch and i dont trust much then.

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    My copy of Norton AV does a virus scan once every week - Any new files, I virus scan before opening, even though the Symantec Auto-Protect kicks in first for any viruses. Ad-Aware & Anti-Trojan I run every time I think I have even the slightest suspicion of their presence.

    For all apart from viruses - If you use a firewall as well as specialised scanners, chances are that you can cut any such communication between your PC & their server(s), effectively breaking their effectiveness for the time before you detect it

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    U better beleive i scan for Viruses only fools do nothing...

    that's right u read it right fools do nothing and then they share it round...


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