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    i really want the tmd t3 where can i get it?

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    on TMD of course. go to and if you got IRC client on ur pc then just click the link to their channel on IRC. i've checked to see if i could download the movie , its unbeleivable but i would bet at least 300 people downloaded that movie from there yesterday alone and no copy of it here. it sucks. oh well...oh and i saw most people who were serving that movie had no queues available!!! damn those who download but dont upload..damn you all! i curse you to use aol for life!

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    132 MB [TMD]Terminator.3.(CENTROPY).TS.(2of2).avi
    133 MB [TMD]Terminator.3.(CENTROPY).TS.(1of2).avi

    192 MB [tmd]terminator.3.rise.of.the.machines.(tcf).ts.(2of2).avi
    172 MB [tmd]terminator.3.rise.of.the.machines.(tcf).ts.(1of2).avi

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    !movieinfo hehehehe , i have that info but i find nothing here on kazaa....and on IRC all the queues were taken , damn this 56k , oh and on bittorent i cant download...its my connection or the popularity of the file?

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    [tmd]terminator.3.rise.of.the.machines.(tcf).ts.(1of2).avi = 176422KB
    [tmd]terminator.3.rise.of.the.machines.(tcf).ts.(2of2).avi = 196694KB

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    These are 2 fake T3 files, they have many users, so do not be persuaded to download. They are really HULK files that DO NOT EVEN WORK!

    [tmd]terminator 3 rise of the machines (smf).wp.(1of2) 183,614KB
    [tmd]terminator 3 rise of the machines (smf).wp.(2of2) 172,476KB


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