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Thread: Looking For The Dvd Club

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    guilijan's Avatar From Patagonia BT Rep: +1
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    Jun 2007
    Have Pisexy offer.
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    TL its not allowed.

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    kaffeine's Avatar No queda el tiempo
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    Jul 2007
    You can fill an application to join TDC here:

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    remove TL from the list or u r account may be disabled!!!! :-(

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    before making your post perhaps you should do a lil searching of the forums first....

    1. TL trading isn't a good idea as you WILL get banned if caught(this has been stated numorous times)

    2. Trade of TDC is also stated to = ban. and since there is a fair mod that scans these forums from there, its not wise. plus also there is an application system in place for requesting a invite to there.. EDIT: kaffeine posted the link..

    but hey, good luck...
    TRADING SUCKS DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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