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Thread: Spam Messages

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    Hi all.

    I have recently been getting spam messages from Messenger Service. Not sure if they arise from Kazaalite but it seems so - they don't seem to be from MSN Messenger (I don't run it). How do I block them? At present, all I can do is to click ok to remove the message but there is no way to block them.

    Any ideas?

    I'm running Kazaalite 2.10 build 3.


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    follow the suggestions on this site to harden your entire OS.

    The messages have NOTHING to do with kazaa.

    If XP is not your OS, look at the left side of the page.

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    to following in order if u have XP
    *type msconfig
    choose "services"=>unteak messenger


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    Disabling that feature works well:

    NT/XP fix -

    >Click on My Computer and open the control panel.

    >Open the Performance and Maintenance or
    Administrative Tools.

    >Double-click on Services, and scroll down to Messenger.

    >Double-click Messenger and click the Stop button
    which will stop the service.

    >Change the startup type to more
    Messenger popups. This is NOT MSN Instant Message service
    called Windows Messenger but a component that is part of
    Windows XP only for Network Administrators to send
    broadcast messages to network users via IP addresses.

    btw, software related question = Softwareworld, please post on appropriate sections.

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    Thanks for the replies

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    actually, if its in the hotmail inbox, you can set from who you get the messages from (up at the right of the page, gives you that option that you can get e-mail from everyone, people i know and some other option).


    you can use norton internet security which can be purchased for a reasonable price or you can TRY downloading it from kazaa.



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