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Thread: Requesting Family Guy Episodes

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    im looking for episode hashes 4 family guy. could be tv rips . but i really want dvd quality ones. like in the special edition ones. but if thats not possible any episodes would be nice.

    i just want episodes of family guy. dvd if possible!

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    nobody ripped the dvd of family guy yet just get the VCD readt tV ripz

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    Haven't seen any DVD rips, but if you click on the link for when you click on the web tab in Kazaa Lite, there is a list of TV shows towards the bottom left... Family Guy is there. I downloaded a bunch a while ago, so I can confirm that they all work; however, I don't have mine anymore so I can't help ya there. PM me if you have trouble downloading them and I will copy a few back over to my computer. Hope this helps!


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