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Thread: Usenet account Resellers ?

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm from Vietnam, and I speak English as a foreign language, I apology if my English language is strange to you.

    I'm also a member at VCDZ.INFO, the forum was founded and managed by 'Việt Kiều' (The term 'Việt Kiều' refers to a group of people who has immigrated to foreign countries after southern Vietnam was defected by communist forces in 1975, most of them currently live in Saigon Town, California, the USA).

    At VCDZ, There is a guy called ketanghinh there who offered me a Usenet account and he sell it for half price compared with official price. His Paypal account is (the verified German Paypal account). Moreover, most of his customers there are from USA. Just a few members there are live in Vietnam.
    Someone informed that he used stolen credit cards to buy accounts then sell them back at cheaper prices but such topics like that were deleted quickly by admins/mods.
    On the other hand, admins/mods are also customers of ketanghinh and ketanghinh is also the biggest donor.
    There are also many people there who claim that they are resellers. I never heard Usenet resellers on any Usenet forums else. Why?

    So, could anyone please confirm whether they are official resellers of Newsgroups providers like GigaNews, Newshosing and UseNetServer?

    Thank you.
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    I don't believe those services utilize any third party "sellers" such those mentioned.

    Your best bet would be to get an answer straight from the the companies themselves. There is a fellow at Giganews who would probably be interested to know the story though I'm sure.

    If you'd like his name and personal email, I'll give it you via PM. I'm sure he can sort out any of these details. Let me know.

    The FST group


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