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    I've currently got a problem where whenever I play a movie in any player, the actual display of the movie only takes up the bottom left corner of the screen are (e.g. In fulscreen the movie is displayed in only a quarter of the screen, in normal mode the movie takes up the corner of the screen box. I've tried loads of movies and they start OK for a couple of seconds then shrink. This included new movies and old ones which previously played OK). I've got the current KLCodecs and a variety of players incl. BS (where movies are inverted!?&#33. There was nothing I installed / uninstalled etc.. which coincided with this.

    Help Help Help Help Help!

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    Can you try to be a little more decisive in regard to what media players your actually using then maybe we could help you better.

    Or it could be a problem with your video card or your screen resolution setting.

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    BS PLayer, Windows Media Player, RealOne Player, Ultra player.

    The strange thing is it's Ok some of the time then just shrinks. The rest of the screen is fine - i can have the players fill the screen or in a box yet the actual part of the screen supposed to display the movie is only utilising the lower left quarter. I've messed about with '100%, 200%', 'full-screen' etcc.... adn resize to 'fill screen on opening' etc.. When I've figured out how post a screendump I'll post it.

    Anything else I use is fine - just movies and then not consistantly.

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    what graphics card do u use? did u try updateing it?

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    3D BlasterŽ 4 MX420

    I updated it about a year ago

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    Here's screen dumps of what it looks like in 'fullscreen' then in the player window (I think the way I got a screendump was a bit messed which effected the quality of the pictures but the positioning is the same):

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    There's a setting in windows media player that does that. Something about "allow full screen resize" or something like that. Problem is, the menu changes and it's a bitch to find it again. I just looked again and it's not on mine(WMP9). It may be one of those first run menus or something.

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    Thanx, although.....
    I've found that menu and even though that option is ticked it still happens
    Initially, sometimes, the movie does resize but then a few seconds later shrinks again.

    Edit: I've tried on loads of players (not just WMP9) and it's exactly the same effect.


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