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Thread: Maya 5.0 Unlimited Cracked/sorted You Name It

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    Hey all, after spending hours on both maya 4.5 amd 5.0 to get them cracked, i came across a the answer, It's down to the ethernet address, if you have an ethernet card, great the crack shouldnt be any problem for you. It's when you dont have a card that maya gets unhappy,so i found a way around it. All credit to this one goes to SCIentific Kronic, what a great guy.

    A. Make sure you have an ethernet card installed or if you don't then you'll have to setup your loopback adapter.

    B. go to Start->Programs->AliasWavefront->Common Utilities->FlexLM License Utilities

    C. Click on the tab that says "System Settings" where it says ethernet address, thats the bunch of characters that you'll need to use in the aw.dat file. If you have more than one network connection you might see a bunch of different characters seperated by a space all in quotations. My comp gives me about 5 different ethernet addresses but most people should have just one. If you have more than one than you can use anyone of them.

    D. once you've replaced the 0000000000 in the aw.dat file, with your new found ethernet address, then save the file and close it.

    E. drag it into the awkeygen.exe and if all goes well you should be done, you can open the aw.dat file to check if its changed, if in the aw.dat you see an error of some sort then you have done something wrong. Copy the aw.dat to a folder c:\flexlm

    F.Run license install and browse to the aw.dat file in your new flexlm directory. Use this file and you should see a pop up with license installed.

    G. Run Maya

    Ok thats the crack problem sorted now heres how to setup your loopback adapter.

    Q. How can I install the Microsoft Loopback adapter in Windows XP?

    A. The Loopback adapter is a useful tool for testing the configuration of network protocols such as TCP/IP on a local system when you don't have a network card. To install the Loopback adapter, perform the following steps:

    Start the Add Hardware Control Panel applet (go to Start, Control Panel, Add Hardware).
    Click Next to go to the introduction dialog box.
    Select "Yes, I have already connected the hardware," then click Next.
    Scroll to the bottom of the list of hardware, select "Add a new hardware device," then click Next.
    Select "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)," then click Next.
    Select "Network adapters," then click Next.
    Select Microsoft as the manufacturer, select "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" as the adapter, then click Next.

    Thats all there is to it, took me about 2 minutes this way, i remember taking at least 10 minutes with the old crack method, so go enjoy maya 5.0 all

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    Um I posted a WAY SIMPLER crack for Maya 5.0. It's 1 or 2 pages back. All you do is open the exe, click generate, and put the generated aw.dat file into a folder called flexlm on c:\. That is all you do

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    Yeah i saw that post, Well actually saw it, tried it, got frustrated when it didnt work. Where as this method identified the problem i was having, and it's still a pretty straight forward operation to do.


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