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Thread: Movies With Lots Of Sources?

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    I think it would be very useful to have a running list of full length movies with a lot of sources. Since we can't search for movies secifically by the mumber of users and we don't want to spend all day searching differenct titles to see if many sources are there, we can just post a message here if we run across a movie with many users. Then someone could just review this thread to see if there is anything they would want. I know I would download, and thus share, more movies with a resource like this. I hope you agree and will help. So here goes, I will start. (And please, only full length movies.)

    Mad Max 2: Road Warrior (20 Users)
    The Chinese Connection (19 Users)
    The Big Boss (12 Users)
    Half Baked (36 Users)
    Zoolander (27 Users)
    South Park: Bigger Longer Uncut (56 Users)
    Scar Face (18 Users)
    Dr. Strangelove (20 Users)
    Citizen Kane (16 Users)
    Casablanca (13 Users)

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    i dont think it will matter because how longer you let auto search on the more files it find
    i one slet mine seach for a whole night because i went to bed and i forgot
    it found a couple of movies with over 1500 users
    it all depends on what supernode your on

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    I agree with Blue Devil

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    Sorry this is off topic but quasiantidisestablishmentarian I think you have the title of longest user name on the board.

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    longest name i have ver come across

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    Well, I originally was going to use another shorter name but it was already taken. Then I sat around trying to think of a new name. I saw that they allowed screennames of up to 32 characters and figured, why not?


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