Well, I have quite a big dilemma. I, like a lot of people, are having the displeasure of being a Comcast subscriber and have virtually no access to seeding. This alone has killed off my downloading habits as my ratios for every private tracker I am a member of are going down the crapper.

So, as of the moment I am stuck in the low ranking/medium-low ranking trackers (SCC Being the highest), but am unable to download anything on these trackers except for free leech torrents.

I have been shunned down to public trackers, just so I can connect to other comcast users and finally see an upload speed higher then 0.5 kb/s.

Now, being in the area that I am living at, Comcast is the only option I have. No DSL, and the only Dial-up service is AOL. No thanks.

Thats where the good news comes in, of me moving. The area that I am moving too, in a month, has Charter. (Lets just hope they aren't problematic like Comcast.)

So, what better then to celebrate my re-seeding party, then having access to damn awesome trackers that I can share my seedingly love with?

I am in search of any good trackers other then:


I would absolutely LOVE to get access to:

-RevTT (Is it possible yet?)
-And anything else your willing to give me.

Thanks, and heres to me being a good pirate in this upcoming month! (.....I WILL BE ABLE TO SEED ONCE AGAIN! YAY!)

Sorry, but small things excite me... a lot.

Share the love!