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Thread: need, a oink account, trade or giveaway

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    hi, Im heavy trader of Flac, and make alot of my own cds in flac, And heard oink got alot music.

    I need an account there.

    I have bunch demonoid keys for those who are still waiting to register there and have oink key to share.
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    demonoid got taken down.....

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    their tracker been wacky all this week, its most likely a problem in their hardware. 1,000,000 files and tracker was under big load all this week, ive been seeding my stuff all this week, trackers been off and on almost every day this week.

    My keys is still valid to trade if someone needs em, the backup will restore all past accounts and keys.

    If I was to speculate, the long delay is 1. they might want to find another ISP, becasue current one not as crisp as site requires, or 2. The Admin hasnt got around to fixing it, and if he doing so now, and demonoid takes alot longer then your avarage site to fix, its a complex site to maintain. Minamal for serious downtime at demonoid is 1-2 days and longer upto 1 week for a ISP change.
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