I'v recently released a new version of DCC manager as freeware.
I am distributing and continuing development myself now as IRCspy have discontinued (I am the programmer, IRCSpy bought a license to distribute from me). This version contains no adware! (I never liked the idea of IRCspy distributing my software with adware! but I needed the cash at the time, poor student etc..)

Anyway, this version works with most IRC xdcc search engines (IRCKlipper and Packetnews have been tested).
New features include: Automatic Ident server, Automatic nickserv support, improved IRC bot communication logic, improved DCC connection code and many other under the hood improvements. As with the old version this version supports file sizes over 3 gig full proxy support for all your unvirsity ssh warez tunneling needs lol. Easy to use and attractive interface with new search button (takes you straight to IRCKlipper or Packetnews).

For those that arn't equainted with the previous version, DCC Manager allows you to download from the IRC network with one click using web based XDCC search engines such as IRCKlipper (like a bit torrent client). Most download connections are around 200KB a sec to 1.2 meg a sec
Sometimes it can be difficult finding a bot that connects but it's worth it once you get a 1.5gig file in 15 minutes lol

Well, I think I've covered most points! and here it is:


Btw the installer doesn't add DCC Manager to your start menu (I forgot to do it lol), you'll have to get to it in your programs folder.

Any problems or feedback let me know!


Chris Deeney.