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Thread: internet connection

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    Hi, i've got access to two internet connections at home one wireless(public) and one of my own wired. Is it possible to use both on my pc or will the pc select one over another? Would like one dedicated to filesharing and the other for surfing and such. Is it possible to use them simultaneously?

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    I think you need a special server pc for filesharing.
    Its probably not possible to have 2 connections running at the same time, for specific programs.

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    It's not possible as far as I know.

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    We have two wired connections (T1 and SDSL) connected to a cisco router and through routing tables certain IP addresses leave our network through the SDSL and other leave through the T1. I would say if you were using a server OS with routing and remote access you could turn your computer into a router and tell certain ports to use your wireless and certain ports to use your wired connection.

    I dont know if this will work (never tried it, just thought of it) maybe you can have both connections enabled and use the windows firewall for the wired connection to block any programs that use the http/https. Allow those programs on the wireless connection. Then do the same for file sharing programs. I am curious to see if windows would know which connection to use that way. I doubt it but it might be worth a try.

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    Bridging! I've heard of it... but I don't know how to use bridging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzedup View Post
    Bridging! I've heard of it... but I don't know how to use bridging.
    bridging won't do what he wants.

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    So a solution doesn't exist? Time to develop something. I'll look into it myself.
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