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Thread: Looking for TranceTraffic

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    Looking for an invite to TranceTraffic please... My ratio's stay positive

    Shoot me a PM please!

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    At least say why ur looking for it... This way u seem jst another tracker collector

    The Chase is Better than the Catch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali-g View Post
    At least say why ur looking for it... This way u seem jst another tracker collector
    Not a tracker collector, but i just simply love trance and want to get more access to trance music basically!

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    To be honest... TR comes out with 90% of the content first/quickest, and is usually better because it deals with trance and trance music only. Plus it has SO many more torrents.

    I learned the hard way. TT is still a very nice site, especially being all forms of electronic... but needless to say I was definitely a bit disappointed.

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    Defy is correct, I am addicted to trance, i visit TR 10 times a day and have to say it is better then TT for the reasons Defy has mentioned. Also the search feature is pathetic at TT, doesnt even work, whereas TR has a really good search engine. The only thing i like better about TT is that it is purely scene releases and only uploaders can upload, making the quality of their torrents high, whereas anyone can upload on TR so u get n00bs uploading poor quality content etc.

    Good luck mate.


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