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    I had to recently reinstall NAV 2003 Pro Edition but when i get to the live update during the install it wont complete. I've re/uninstalled this program before a few times and never had the problem. Below is the following Error message i get.

    LU1806: Live Update was not able to install any of the 1 updates that you selected. For More Information please click the "+"sign next to the updates that did not install. All Available updates were selected

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    I'm having problems updating it too. It downloaded and installed the updates for the client just fine but it keeps getting an error trying to download and install virus definitions. It must be the servers or something.

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    happening to me to, damn it

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    There we go. The virus definitions finally installed.

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    yay me too.

    guess it was a server problem or error in the nav definitions

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    Tried to update Defintions multiple dice

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    I did notice that during the install Live Update Subscrption says from June 7th 2003-2004, June 7th, which is the date of a earlier install. Both NAV 2003 Pro and Live Update were completely uninstalled, Shouldn't have the date reflected the date i installed and not from a previous installation? Would this happend to do anything with the incompletion of Live update Virus Defintions? If anyone knows or could point me in the right direction..would sure appreciate it a lot.

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    coulda been a server problem.. or when u see that Confirming online subscrition, click cancel.. then reopen the update and it wont do it again..

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    I captured the Message i got with Clipboard Viewer how can i upload the capture on here?


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