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Thread: Idiot Newbie Wanting To Put Film Files Onto Cd-r

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    I`m downloading NTI CD-Maker. And already have BSplayer, DVDx, CDex, New Nero possibly 5.0?, DVD Decrypter. AND SERIOUSLY NEED A STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS !!!!!!!!! Not just a couple of lines of advice.
    I want to play the CD-R`s on a DVD player either NTSC or PAL !!

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    Do you want to play them on your computer or DVD player?

    If it is just on your comp you can just copy the mpeg straight to cd, as long as it fits. Or burn as a data cd in nero.

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    Go They have step by step guides with pictures.

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    1. mpeg=vcd (as you know i guess)

    2. Once you have a mpeg file, just use one of the programs you have to make the vcd (Easy Cd Creator even has one, but its not that good)

    I think your best bet in finding your answers is to go to...

    Divx Digest

    It has about every answer you need plus a bunch of free software, that is helpful.

    Good Luck....

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    1) download the file u want
    2) download tmpgenc plus ( search kazaa)
    3) encode your file using tmpenc
    4) use either nero 5.5 or alcohol 120 2 burn with
    and if your dvd player is compatible with svcds u can get better quality.


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