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Thread: Microsoft Buys Virtualpc!

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    I'm especially worried for Mac users. Check the Connectix Site.
    "VirtualPC is going to be integrated into the suite of Office applications, and will provide additional features like upgrades to 2000 or XP"
    Shouldn't Apple be crying foul?
    I'll use a real-life example:
    Billy gets an imac for his b-day.
    His parents happily find out that for a couple of hundred bucks, you can get such a nice machine.
    Billy has homework to do, so his parents get him Office.
    Sadly, Office for the Mac is crappy, and works none too good (wonder why...), and has no support for a lot of the features Windows Office has.
    Poor Billy...
    But wait, for 150 dollars, Billy can get a nice copy of VirtualPC! And for 250 dollars, it comes with XP Home!
    Joyous is Billy...
    His parents, who only want for him to be happy, buy VirtualPC, happily shilling out the money.
    But, this is before Microsoft starts to play ball.
    Now, changing things a bit, Billy gets his computer, and finds out how crappy Office for Mac is, and wants Office for PC.
    He finds VirtualPC, but finds it embedded in Office V.X... No matter, the price (check MacTopia) for Office now is 500 for the full suite, so with VPC onboard, it's bound to only run for 750 bucks...
    But wait, Billy doesn't like DOS. What a coincidence that Microsoft will happily sell him XP Home for just a bit more money (150 maybe? (Pocket change))

    The end result?
    Billy's parents RETURN all the Mac shit, get their money back, and buy PC.
    In a year, Mac'll be f'cked.

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    Microsoft bought out Connectix Virtual PC a long time ago...

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    Oops... Sorry 'bout that. Guess I misread the dates... That happens sometimes at 11 PM after a long night.
    Anyways, off to get VPC 5/6, it looks very promising.
    I haven't upgraded in years...

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    Ya it's nice. I like Virtual PC a lot better then VMWare.

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    Originally posted by Xilo@8 July 2003 - 21:20
    Ya it's nice. I like Virtual PC a lot better then VMWare.
    Tell me about it. Before I bought my other 2 boxes I was unable to run vmware because i didnt have the standard recommended 1 gig of ram. Now that I have a couple boxes that have that type of memory I still prefer to run virtual pc because it works just the same and doesnt need half as much memory as vmware.

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    The greatest part of VirtualPC has to be the memory, and the different versions. They have programs to run everything, from virtual desktops to virtual servers.


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