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    Well, my friend's mom got her first dose of Chemo today. She had an MRI and exploratory done and the cancer is all through her abdominal region . (most is Cysts, not malignant but some malignancy exists there as well) so she has to hit the Chemo, surgery, them Chemo again and then radiation.

    It is tough but she knows what she is fighting and is refusing to give an inch.

    My frined who's nephew took his own life is better and his sister is off suicide watch. (She will be on PRN sedatives I think for some time.) Everyone rallyed for them so life is likely to not be as hard as it could have been...

    Thanks again for all your help guys!!

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    Bassman! You seem to be in turmoil

    I hope your mom keeps fighting and beats that b*rstard thing, send her our love and good wishes

    Stay strong dude

    Jonno B)
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    it is my friend's mom, but I have know them for many years ! I will pass along the support


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    Oh, please...
    I'd like to add my thoughts and a prayer, IBM.
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    Much appreciated J2K.... it is the power of hope and beleif that fight these things as well as medicine


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