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Thread: Bitmetv staff (lies,rumors and crap shit - The Sequel Continues)

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    Patriot foreve's Avatar William Wallace
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    First of all i wasn't really going to talk in the subject publically but after what happened and after the bitmetv staff is spreading the rumors around the btcommunity talking lies and shit and unfortunately some ahve belived the bitmetv staff propaganda and even after their false,rumors,lies they never even present asimple apology or even try to say that they were wrong allowing the shit talk of them to be spreading where i heard it from different sources

    so the lies that bitmetv staff have been telling some lately that i have tried to hack bitmetv (some versions i heard said that i did hacked them) and they seem that they have said the lie and believed it

    They have been fucken talking crap and pure shit about me and unfortunately they thought that one sided talk will make them achieve whatever they have in their sick minds .The staff there don't share friendly feelings against me and i don't hide that i don't like almost all of their ignorant staff but everybody who knows me well know that i never get that low in dealing with any issue that i have even if i have serious problems with anyone because i simply have ethics and morality and i don't talk lies like the Almighty bitmetv staff tried to do

    Even one of the staff have threatened FST for further consequences if i hacked them like WTF are they acting like some terrorist groups or what besides WTF they talking about and who said that i represent FST ,i don't represent except myself as i am a member here as i am amember in alot of other forums so stop your bullshit

    The above image was the first time that i hear about that incident false accusations which made my pretty angry and furious thinking that some btstaff are thinking that their e-penis will grow longer if they say bad things about patriot everywhere . i don't even know whose that mr-gigabit they are talking about

    After acouple of hours when i calmed abit i decide to go to their irc channel to see what the hell is wrong with them but unfortunatley it seems that the racist bitmetv staff have banned the whole country from getting into the irc because i have tried to login from 4 different places with different isps

    (something that isn't really ashock for some racists who ban whole invite trees if someone was bad ,ban FST members who get free invites from here and also ban whole countries besides ofc saying lies and never apologize for them)

    This isn't their first and ofc it won't be their last

    anyhow a friend who is close to their staff voluntered to talk and see what the hell is that

    ofc as i replied i was really furious ,They made amistake like are u kidding me ,They were fucken talking shit ,saying lies and rumors about me trying to hack their tracker they said taht they made amistake ,they haven't even apologized for the shit they started or even denied that after to those who were told about that .Did they think that there dignity or their e-penis will be smaller if they apologized and denied the incident but i am sure that's what expected from some claimed to be one of the worst staff in the btcommunity

    even after all that i was deciding to let it go ,you can't blame bunch of kids of what they are doing and i didn't expect that rumor to have gone so far but unfortuantely i started to be asked by some friends i know about the incident and if i really hacked them which made me really furious and angry knowing that the bitmetv staff lies spreaded like that so not commenting on there shit makes it a one sided story and may create confusion to some so i decided to expose their bullshit in this thread

    I never thought that the Bitmetv staff would have gone so low talking shit like that as in many occasions where i attack some decisions made by various trackers staff here or anywhere but thsi is aclled expressing opinions and standing up for what you think is right while after we talk very freindly on msn or irc channels because alot know how to respect others opinions .we aren't angels nor devils ,we are humanbeings who make both right and wrong things but unfortunately some who may think that having some power allow them to be untouchable or acting like gods

    Finally:I have nothing to hide ,if you have to say any shit or accusations say it in public to allow others to reply to you but don't go spread rumors and false lies like that making some believe your shit and thinking you have won something ,for me my msn is known to alot of people and if anyone have any accsusations or heard any rumors against me then i am sure it's better to contact the one concerend to get his side of view

    P.S:Names Were Censored in the images in this post For Privacy issues
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    AFAIK, mrgigabit is DJMcTom (from hdbits), a long term enemy of BMTV.
    I can't find any discussion of this in the staff forum. Mind PMing me the name of the person who sent that PM?

    Whoever sent it, they were obviously misinformed, so allow me to appologise on their behalf.

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    scribble's Avatar Emma Watson <3 BT Rep: +2
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    bitmetv staff actually sucks. a lot. they are liars and will try to ban you for no reason.
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    go hell bitmetv staff

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    I also have not heard your name mention with regards to any wrong doing at BMTV. I have heard things about mrgigabit/DJMcTom regarding this subject (no they were not hacked).

    btw, how is it you know that BMTV staff are the ones spreading the rumors?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kokoo View Post
    go hell bitmetv staff
    Don't just use this topic to mouth off. If you have something to contribute then post otherwise shut the hell up.
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    Well, they fucked with the wrong man this time...
    <NES> lol
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    I said it last week - I won't let these threads run any longer.

    Issues with staff need to be sorted out somewhere other than this forum. This isn't the place to air out dirty laundry or fight battles.

    The FST group


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