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Thread: Whats Your Most Recomended Software Download

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    besides antivirus, whats your most recomended software download. right now all I got is paint shop pro. So thats the only thing I could recomend

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    Your kidding right?

    Wow, I could never answer that question because there is just so much software out there to get and play with and have fun. And best of all its freeeeeeeeeeeee! , with the consideration of kazaa lite and a couple of cracked sites that is.

    Everytime I install a new program that I didnt have to pay for I immediately copy the cracks and the program to my backup drive and start to feel like a kid with a brand new toy.

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    For images viewer: acdsee. it's very good and fast. photoshop is good for images retouching, but need some experience.
    compressing programs, like winrar, winace. don't need to get winzip, winrar can decompress zip files. ad aware, norton programs are quite usefull. that's virtually what you need the most.
    maybe tweakmaster.

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    Umm Office Xp and windows XP

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    2xExplorer, basically its a freeware version of windows explorer but is a whole lot better. If u use explorer a fair bit then this is definitely worth checking out. It allows a bunch of extra stuff like:
    Allows 1 or 2 simultaneous explorer panes
    Ability to mirror, synchronise and do other funky stuff with the 2 explorer panes
    Built in command line
    Built in search (its like the classic find from win98, i was so happy to get rid of the xp search)
    Easy to click icons for all the drives permanently available
    A bunch of other stuff
    Get it here, I strongly recommend it, a few things may take a bit of getting used to, but its well worth persisting.
    Only quibble i have with it is it doesn't have a type column (tho u can still sort by type). I wouldn't bother with the alpha of the next version he's giving out, its IMO not as good at the moment.


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