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Thread: Is Demonoid back?

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    found it in here...

    looks like good news...

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    good News , hope it will be back soon
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    no not yet
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    lol i was 60% done with a file that took me 2 days to download. i deleted it because i didn't think they were coming back. i still don't think they are coming back.

    i miss them.
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    The sites still down so hopefully it'll be back up shortly.

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    Its slowly comming back... I used to get problem loading page error... and for about an hour the link loaded but the page was blank.... right now its the same problem loading page error..

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    I can't wait for the next thread... "Demonoid's back!" 'Till then, no, demonoid isn't back (yet).

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    back or not, I can download something from demonoid, so it's good
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