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    you need an old gameshark or a mod-chip to play it on your psx/ps1. if you dont have any of those, you'll have to do the "swap trick". here it is:

    An Official (not burned) Disc
    A Burned Disc

    1. Open the PSX lid and look at the top-right corner (bottom left on PS1). There should be a button there.
    2. Keep that button pressed. You can use almost anything (I use a small piece of a pencil).
    3. Insert your official (not burned) disc with the lid open and the button pressed and press the POWER button.
    4. The disc will start spinning. When it Speeds up (just before the white screen disappears) swap it with the burned disc.
    5. The black screen will appear and the disc will slow down, speed up, then slow down again. The second time it slows down,
    swap it with the official disc.
    6. The disc will spin normally, then speed up. RIGHT when it speeds up, swap it as fast as you can.
    7. The game should start. If not, start over.

    seems complicated at first but once you do it, it's pretty friggin' easy.. if you're looking for psx games check out my topic

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    but if u have the official disk y would u want to play w/ the burn disk???

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    no no no.. you need ANY official disc.. you can use a demo or something.

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    ohhh okay.


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