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    anyone know any racing game where 2 ppl can play on one computer?

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    what u mean split screen???

    or multi

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    yup, playing on the same screen

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    oh my gosh...SPLIT

    Playing a computer game on scplit screen would suck!!! Hell it sucks playing it on my big screen tv!!

    If there is such a game for pc that is split screen, you better have a video card with tv out or a huge monitor. Not to mention the controls would suck, off of one keyboard. Boy I would just go buy an xbox or ps2 and get midnight club2 and have a hell of a time with some friends. Trust me, You do not want split screen on a computer

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    yeah its would suck 2 players on one keyboard trying to look at the same screen

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    with motogp you can race split screen and as long as you have a microsoft sidewinder you canb plug another sidewinder right in the back of it

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    I heard Need For Speed was cool and it supported Split Screen lol.

    Btw this isn't a racing game but it does rock for split screen...LIERO!

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    tsk tsk tsk,

    have we all forgotten about them little pokes at your 'friends' trying to steal first place...
    I surely haven't and still much enjoy smackin my friends about for whatever reason (slightly connected to the game) behind my little keyboard.
    I dare u to try this with online multiplayer games

    Toca II is most suitable for the needs I'd say

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    damn are back in 1995 with our nintendo


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    actually, with nintendo u had auxiliary weapons at your disposal: gamepads !
    slung at high speed they can really do some damage..

    playing toca u only have some elbow-to-chin action & headbutts to work with


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