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Thread: Asus P4xp-x Help

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    hi people! i would like to ask something about my motherboard. I'm using DDR ram pc333 on my Asus p4 xp-x, but the specification of that board indicates that it supports pc133 and pc266 DDR ram memory. Is there any danger if I'm using my current RAM memory of DDR pc333? tnx!

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    If it's currently running with that MB stick with no issues I doubt it will harm the system. Only downside is the mobo may only see it as the highest rank it allows, in turn running the memory slower than what it is capable of.
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    tnx! In order to maximize the speed it can handle, I need to use PC266 DDR ram rather than PC333? tnx again!

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    One more thing, can I place pc266 DDR together with my pc333 RAM? There are two DDR slots for my memory RAM


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