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Thread: Win98se - Xp

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    what is the level of compatibility between win98se and XP for games, programs, ect...?

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    xp is compatible in a wide variety of ways. Which would seem pretty logical considering as how it came out after windows 98se, millenium edition, and 2000. It would be kind of stupid not to include "better" features than other previous windows o.s. provided. Thats why I would go with xp if you desire to run windows on a personal desktop, laptop, or workstation. Besides Linux, which is my favorite and not to mention the best..............but thats a different story/topic.

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    i think that win98se at the moment is better because you are sure that virtually all the programs, games can run on it. even some xp programs. just look at the systems requirements...
    because i notice that win98 is compatible with ME but not with 2000 or NT. ( i tried)
    i only know that XP OS is much more stable.

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    Just because XP is newer doesn't mean it's compatible with all programs. Check out this list...

    Thanks to Cornerpocket for providing this info when I asked the same question long ago.

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    What it comes down to is getting with the program.

    Microsoft plans to distribute xp until 2004 or 5 when they plan to release another o.s. like longhorn or whatever it might be. The truth of the matter is anything before xp will probably be rendered obsolete with the exception of windows 2000 workstations which big companies plan to keep for another 3 to 5 years before they migrate.

    What you have to understand is that microsoft will only support other o.s. licenses or cals as they are called (client access liscences) for so long then the licsences will expire and microsoft wont support them. And with microsoft not supporting them that means that software manufacturers will start accomodating there software around the new distributions of windows and thus making all those other o.s. like nt and 98 obsolete.

    Microsoft is trying to start a new breed of o.s. and applications

    Windows 2003 server, office 2003, frontpage 2003, .net framework, Exhange server titanium, etc.
    And also you have to realize that if you have a pc that cant support xp then you better start thinking about getting another one because computers come and go and soon they are of no use. The primary problem is people dont have a fast or efficient enough computer for xp to run because its to old or too slow.

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    probably, the only thing which is a bit sad is that there's some good games that won't be able to be played unless you have a old computer. if only companies could update their games so we can play on new versions.
    but it's true that well have to update to get faster and more reliable OS...

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    And rememeber! DOS games won't fare well on XP


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