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Thread: Upgrading Windows 2000 Pro

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    I have windows xp and really would like to install it. I am currently using windows 2000 pro. How easy is it to upgrade to xp from 2k? I won&#39;t be able to install it on my C Drive. My Hardrive Situation is as follows -

    C: 3GB Total Space. 120MB Left.
    D: 3GB Total Space. 3GB Left.
    E: 40GB Total Space. 35GB Left.
    I: 120GB Total Space. 85GB Left.

    I&#39;m thinking about installing it on D. Any input would be great.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I dont see any p[roblem with that

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    Partition that C: drive. You don&#39;t need that much space for any normal system. The smaller the partition, the faster the system generally.
    Go dual boot and see if it works and if you like it.
    Start the instal from your win2k system and the built in NT bootloader with system choice will be installed.
    check the advanced install options box and select "copy all" and " I want to choose where".

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    balamm how the hell did you become a mod, his c drive is only 3gig with 120meg left how is he going to partition that. if you meant his I drive then fair enough and it will be ok on the D:&#092; drive anyway.

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    I have complained about the font size but no one takes us blind old farts seriously

    XP can actually be installed on any drive or partition so whatever works out is fine.


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