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Thread: Audio Problems After Encoding Using Tmpgenc

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    Please can anyone tell me how to rectify my Audio after/before encoding with TMPGEnc.

    I use Virtualdub to create a 'Wav' file but after encoding the audio is always ahead of the video.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated, as I am a complete newbie to all this. Thanks

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    Are there audio/video sync problems when viewing your movie in a software player like Windows media???
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    The 'AVi' file that I download is fine - the audio is in line with the video, but as soon as I convert to a 'wav' file and encode it the audio is always ahead, and this is true for when I play it on the windows player.

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    Well this is what i do with all my Avi. files (barring Xvid encoded avi's which are a pain in the arse anyway) and it seems to work great, dont take it as gospel though....Load ya avi. into VirtualDub, and normally what i do is split the file into 2 parts so i can burn to 2 Vcds, then before you save part1 goto Video and make sure u choose Direct Stream Copy, then goto Audio and choose Source Audio and Direct Stream Copy..then save that file and repeat process for 2nd part..then go and encode in TMPGEnc. This works great for me every time, Hope this helps..
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    I will certainly give it a go. Thanks for your help and for replying.

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    Get an modded xbox and run xbox media player. you can adjust the a/v delay on all sorts of media files, including all types of avi, divx, and xvid and easily play back through your tv. This is the way i play back my files.


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