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    Wenn mal das Gesetz einem ärger macht und alles irgendwie schief geht und plötzlich die Polizei vor der Türe steht.........dann gibt es nur eine Lösung!!!

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    You could always say that in english....

    If once the law makes an annoyance and all sloping goes somehow, and suddenly the police before the door (dont know what steht is ).........damn it gives only a solution!!

    EDIT:.....Above is what u said .....under "You could always say that in english.... "

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    If the law makes trouble for u(couldn't come up with anything better for macht ein arger) and it all somehow goes pearshaped, and suddenly the police are at your door..... then there is only one solution

    I think thats a rough translation. But what does it mean?

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    Over here!

    If times the law an annoyance makes and everything somehow inclined goes and suddenly the police before the door stands......... then gives it only one solution!!!

    What solution is that then? The "final" solution? I don't get it ....

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    hari kari ?

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    Wenn du kein Englisch sprichst......
    Was ist die Loesung?

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