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Thread: Giveaway - FSCE invites(and trade)

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    after a LONG time that i wasn't here (i must admit, i missed FST )
    i'm giving away 5(1 left) invites to the users who can convince me that they deserve that invite.
    please persuay me the best you can why you should get the invite...
    ill pick the winners and pm then requesting their mail =)

    invites GONE

    trading offer
    revTT acc with 1 TB buffer
    pisexy acc Insane User (1TB buffer)
    pm me your offer
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    Hi asaf,
    i dont know a lot about FSCE but I can only speculate from what I have heard from my friends here. I heard that its a very good community like revolt. I only wish to be a part of it. I have tried to be as active as I can possible and would do same. One thing is for sure that it wont be in the wrong hands. I have tried to do my part of contribution here and would do the same as I do in every community I am a part of.
    If you wish to see my proofs, ratios and speedtest just ask and I will pm you

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    Man, I would love to get a FSCE invite. I've been on the forum for quite a while and since I don't trade, it's become almost IMPOSSIBLE to get an invite to a high level tracker. I've tried to jump in on a few giveaways and thanks to some very generous users, I have been able to obtain invites to classic sites like Bitme, BitmeTV and Torrentleech just to name a few. But, of course sites like FSCE are difficult to obtain...until now.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Regardless if I get an invite or not, it's nice to see.

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    hey there, ive been looking for a site like revolt/FSCE because i'd like to be a part of a more private site thats more about community and the forums but still has some torrents. anyways, i dont know how im supposed to convince you other than telling you that i know what the site is about and i've been looking for something like it for a while now. also im a good user on any sites im a part of and this would be the case for this site as well. good day

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    hi there, i need an FS** invite plz, i think i deserve it cuz u can see from my profile, ive never traded, and ive been here for a pretty long time, and also i've been waiting for and FS** invite for quite a long time and also, i heard FS** is a tracker where speed does not matter but it is famous for its community.Thank you
    Hope i get the invite!

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    Some are making references to things FSC is known for. FSCE is a completely different tracker.

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    I'd like to join that community, I do not care if they have some torrents or not since I have some good trackers but I am looking for a closed place to discuss/learn some issues without being disturbed by members trying to prove that they know everything. This time I am not looking for the contents (usually I do) but I am looking for the members. If the place is not friendly there then just ignore my post...Thank you.
    <NES> lol
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    <NES> I message him and say "What are you doing? I just got that from you"
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    Hi asafb, i would like a invite if possible please, i have been a regular member of FST for around 2 years now and regularly have give aways and help out all users in the best way i can. I have heard great things about FSCE and would really love to be lucky enough to become apart of there community. I can supply ration proofs of high level trackers and i give you my word that i will no stuff around.

    Thank you for taking the time to consider me for an invite.

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    God, this request for a community is so damn annoying. Do you above posters know anything about FSCE? I understand it's a gaming tracker. Stop merging these so-called rare trackers with the premise of a good community.

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