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Thread: bitme for bitmetv

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    AmpeD's Avatar the o'lol factor BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    nvm im not a trader
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    Adam1990's Avatar Layin down the law BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    Sorry man but that is not going to happen, your more likely to get one free then to get one for that.

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    currently bitmetv removed ALL invites for power-users and vip, which means only staff & elite have invites now. There are less than 20 staff, and only 391 total elite members. your chances of getting an invite from staff are zero since they will ban you if you even ask for an invite on a public forum like this, and the chances that one of those 391 elite members are going to give or trade an invite here on FST are pretty slim as well. If you do get a PM offering to trade, the most likely scenario is that it is an oink or bitmetv staffer trying to get your info
    also, just be a good member on bitme for a few months and you will get an invite to bitmetv. Offering to trade an account to either site here on FST will get you banned and blacklisted at both sites.


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