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Thread: calling all seedboxes

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    hey im interested in starting a private mirc channel very organized, people with fast connections will have ftp access to new releases. the chan will start as public after about a week go private. also chan may also turn into a torrent site. good people good place good axx why not.
    hopefully if we get enough people we could host different channels for different stuff. looking for rooters and people with fast connection lookin for axx. PM me for details

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    chesa are u from iptorrents ??

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    i was but im done upploading on sites now im moving to irc

    Quote Originally Posted by superseed101 View Post
    chesa are u from iptorrents ??

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    lol cool chesa you can make a site with me ..... pm me its vapour torrents is the name. Im getting a server of someone and a few seedboxes for it

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    What does irc and rooting have to do with torrents?

    I could see if it was a chan for a torrent site... but it clearly is not.

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    im looking for people with seedbox if i placed this in the newsgroup section i would get any feedback

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