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Thread: Games That Will Work With My Pc Spes

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    My Spes

    AMD Atholen 1.7 Ghz
    Windows XP
    480 Ram
    Pro Savage 16mb GFX ( Card which is Crap )

    Any thing esle I will tell uses

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    Ouch 16mb graphic card? You won't be able to play many games with that amount. My graphic card is like 3 years old but still has 64 mb O.o Might want to just get one of the Geforce ti 4800 cards. They are pretty cheap now and support dx9.

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    yea man u got the same system i have, that graphics card is holding ur whole PC back ...if ur strapped for cash as i was when i put together my system get a geforce 2 gts pro, its a 32 mb ddr ram card , cost u about 20 -25 bucks from ebay, this card will let u play anything and has some nice features as well
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    Processor and ram never make an incredible impact upon gaming, its mainly the graphics card which makes it work. So yeah, get a geforce 4ti, they have gone down in price since the release of the new Geforce FX (or, if thats too much still, get a geforce 4mx, not great, but it'll do the job).


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