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Thread: Need A Server And A Partner

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    Hello im superseed ive decided to make a torrent tracker although i have it already set up on my home pc made by torrent trader template i need someone to give me a server and help me with uploading it.I have managed to get uploaders with 0day ect and am now waiting for a partner and a ded server thanks

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    Want a betatester?

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    no i need a partner to pay for a server for me to host my beautifull new site on he will also be sysop and get money back from donations and ads he will not have to pay anything after we get the ads the will cover server costs ect

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    Just got someone with like a 10mbit home connection at first.. No need to get a 100mbit server for a new tracker right away.

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    we need a server to host the site and one to use as a seedbox the site is vapour torrents and is very well made we just need a server if ud let me have urs i can make you an sysop and we can start going live with the great site i have 4 people on board one uploader with acces to 0 day and scenetorrents stuff and 1 web designer and 2 graphics as well as a few friends which are mods. Interested pm back ??

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    I might be able to do graphics. PM me when your tracker's up.

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    Do you plan on opening some speciality tracker or just a general 0day?

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    A couple of tips: 1) Ads are lame. If you have them from the start you will really struggle to get members 2) You wont get your money back from donations for months, if ever. If you really thought you would then surely you would just stick your money where your mouth is and buy the server yourself.

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    i need a partner to pay for a server for me to host my beautifull new site
    hard to fin someone to pay for you dude.
    good luck anyway.
    Ads are lame
    Why ads are lame??? it's other way to survive, I really preffer ads instead of mass pm's of donations!

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    I'd be happy to help out as a staff member, feel free to pm me.

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