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Thread: PGR4 for Xbox360

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    We waited patiently for Halo 3, which was meh, not too impressed with it at all, would still prefer GoW but....

    Anyway, PGR4 due to be released in the US tomorrow I do beleive, and 12th of this month in Europe (hoping it's region free). Quite surprised it hasn't been put up yet, any info on the release stick it on here please

    (PS. Orange box after PGR4, exciting stuff this month )

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    im jus happy we got the nba 2k8 a day early ... been waitin impatiently for months for this!

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    Go to and type in "Project_Gotham_Racing_4_XBOX360-CCCLX"

    Ps if i got that from they log every release (for games) and tell you all the details about the iso also. Its pretty sick.

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    Nba 2k8!!!!
    thank you sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar

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    nba 2k8 rules


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