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Thread: Forrest Gump

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    Dam -- Just finished Dl'ing Forrest Gump and wow i forgot how good this movie is.. I seen this movie like 10 times at the cinema... Tom Hanks is a god dam legend....

    oh and this has 2 have 1 of the best soundtracks ever

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    This is maybe one off the best movies ever made (my opinion)

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    All good people want to see dumb guys finish first in life-atleast in screen!!
    so, its a hit for all season and all people..
    right??i too love it

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    love that movie

    i liked the part in watergate hotel


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    i liked the part in watergate hotel

    Yea that was funny..

    it was gr8 how they made Forest a part of sum of the greatest moments in American history


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