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Thread: IP Address

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    plz does anyone know any method (not the netstat) or software that i can use to know the ip address of my msn contacts to know if someone is talking to me with 2 accounts in the same time .. thx for help ...

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    you can code a php script to log ip's .

    if( !$log ) {
      or die("couldnt open log");
    } else {
      fwrite($log, "Date of visit " .date('l dS \of F Y h:i:s A') . ", IP:" . $REMOTE_ADDR . "<br>");

    . then host that script here

    and give that link to the victim .. once he clicks on that link , his/her ip will be logged ..

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    could u plz explain more i really don't understand sorry

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    err .. if you cant understand that.. dont do it ..

    netstat or nbtstat doesnt work .. :|

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    since all chat on msn is done through msn proxies you wont be able to just grab the ip address so something like blackbird suggests would be a start.

    you would either have to start a file transfer which is done directly and use netstat to find their ip address or you could setup your own sever on your machine and host a funny pic send it to someone and then check your logs for their ip address.


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