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Thread: ***!!!birthday---giveaway!!!***

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    So today's my birthday and i would like to giveaway some invites/acc's:

    1) DS acc (winner embolism)
    2) KG acc (winner fazzy07)

    3)BITME invites (waban)
    4) T.LT invites

    5) LM invites
    6) VipM invites (

    looks like that is all i can giveaway. I wont say quanity of invites. Will decide how many invites to give away depending on your activity.

    For blue ones post your request here with speed test hosted on

    For red ones post ratio proof of your highest tracker and speedtest hosted on

    For purple ones post 2x ratio proofs, speedtest hosted on and say why you need it. Will announce winners tommorow or later...

    oh and if there is a kind soul that can spare me s*t invite as a birthday gift i would realy, realy appreciate it. I think this is all that i wanted to say i wish you good luck.
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    Haifa, Isreal
    happy b-day my friend
    until 120
    i wish that you'll get SCT

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    Can I request KG
    If unable to get KG - please consider me for DS account
    Thank you

    Somebody has already asked for KG, so I guess I will settle for Darkside
    Darkside has more than 5000 torrents from various categories
    I has plenty of choices and it is a foreign tracker. For starters (probably like me ) - it has attractive movie packs; My ratios on other sites show my dedication towards seeding.
    This will fulfill my needs not met by other trackers I have
    Further it has excellent speeds and is very sought after.
    here is my speed test

    BTW - this is a very nice giveaway

    Todays Ratio
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    Can you please give me DS account
    I won't trade it
    I just need it because it have alot of great english movies packs
    ratio proof


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    joni22's Avatar Give-Away Or Go-Away BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    Apr 2007
    2) VipM invites

    Thx And Happy Birthday

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    BJK İnn Stadı

    pls. give you kg acc for this good user
    embolism is good user.

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    orpazgeula88's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Feb 2007
    Happy Birthday!!
    Can I get DS please?
    I need it because it a very good tracker and i want to down a lot of thing that in there.
    sorry for my english.

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    Can I have Kg please I need it to find movies I cant get anyware else.

    2 Ratio proofs:

    oh and Happy Birthday

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    Somewhere near you.
    Happy Birthday !
    nice givaway :]

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