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Thread: Stalling mouse...

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    I have a wireless G7 from Logitech which has started to act up. Everynow and then, many times a day the mouse stoppes, freezes and I cant move it at all for 1-15sec then its fine again... This happens with both batteries...

    any ideas?

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    Try plugging the receiver into a different USB port.
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    The usual problem with Logitech rechargeable mice is that the calibration of the charge level is incorrect. The way to solve this with the standard mouse is to remove the battery for a short time, then replace it and perform the deep initial charge for a second time.

    However, I don't know how that works with the G7, since it has 2 power packs. I imagine you can probably do something similar, but the problem may be in the charge station in this instance. My suggestion would be to remove the battery, and leave the charge station without anything connected for around an hour, then make the connections and try charging the batteries again.
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    Move it closer to your receiver
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    I tried all 4 usb ports in the back of the computer with no result but when I tried one of the ports on top it got better (I think...), but it still happens... but the cord dosnt really reach all the way...

    trying lynx´s suggestion now... ( not really sure I understood it correctly thou... :/ )
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