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Thread: Saw Pirates Of The Carribean Last Night

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    I thought that it was pretty good......nice to see that they can come out with a movie that does not suck like Charlie's Angels and whatnot. It had alot of action and had some humor too. Kept reminding me of the ride at Disneyland......

    Download it if ya can or go see it. Its definetly one of the summers hits.

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    Ok then, it looks like a gr8 film

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    is it an animation?
    if so, i wont dl
    i hate animation movies ..all suck..

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    no it is not animation, real people

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    I've seen the previews for it. It looks pretty good don't know if its good enough to download I may go see it or just wait tell its out on dvd

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    I saw it. Its really good.

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    GOD I hate johnny depp...So I won't see it because he is in it..sorry

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    have you ever seen whats eating gilbert grape? He was amazing in it. I would download it and watch a bit, then maybe see it in theaters if it was worth it. But only if there is a screener rip out.
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