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Thread: help for christian torrents please :)

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    i used to have an account at christian torrents but got pruned for inactivity after i left torrents for a while, the thing is i have had a bit of bad family stuff recently and there is a lot i could use at ct to help get me through it,so if someone could invite me i would be very greatful. many thanks in advance, toxicity.
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    wow don't just post your email like that, you will only expose yourself in my view...

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    anyone please? for helping me i can give you an account with karagarga if you like

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    edite you mail plz

    and pm me with it for the invite

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    thankyou garra400 i have pm'd you, much appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaara400 View Post
    edite you mail plz

    and pm me with it for the invite
    I'd like an invite too!
    What's pm?!


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