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Thread: Favorite Snl Skit?

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    I am a young guy so I am sure that I am gonna ge replies to my opinions saying tht the old better than the new. but I have a prttey good collection, I know I am missing alot of funny ones, here are some of my favorites please let me know which skits you think are the best, and maybee alltime favorite cast member.

    Favorite cast memnber - Will Ferrel easily

    All time favorite skit - blue oyster Cult dont fear the reaper (will ferrel, and Christopher Walkin) "I gotta have more cow bell".

    Other notables
    All celebrity Jeopardies
    Hidden camera cofee switch (chris Farley) "you lied to me"
    Eddie Murphy - Kill the White People
    All Harry Carrey's
    Matt Foley ofcourse
    Shlitz gay beer (commercial)
    The opening from when queen latifah was on a little while ago. "she speaks in tounge's".

    Just a quick note on my fav's, what are yours. And old timmers please enlighten me.

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    the jeopardies are the best

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    i downloaded ever celebrity jeopardy skits. the are my favorite.

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    the one with seinfeld in oz

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    phew i dont have to answer i am only 30

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    Hands Down it's the

    Bill Brasky sketches

    "he'll eat a homeless person if you dare him..."

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    Jim Carrey as the whirlpool lifeguard!

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    the blue oyster cult was so funny.. and the celebrity jeopardys are hilarious.. "i&#39;ll take the penis mightier for 400"

    "I&#39;ll take whore seamen for 500"

    "I&#39;ll take the rapist for 800"

    just some of the funny ones.
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    The Wayne&#39;s World 1991 "Summer Review" special.

    They made such funny jokes about the bullshit hollywood things that happened over the summer.

    And another fav is when Stewart Smalley&#39;s brother was a guest on his show.

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    Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor "Word Association"
    It&#39;s on KL
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