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Thread: New Site

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    Hey all there is a new site im a member of its very good it need seeds and members as its new so come join

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    What is it about?
    The name scares me.

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    hehe its a wonderfull site basically all 0day but its up and coming and is amazing i really like it has a nice feel to it

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    is this your site? i know you were saying you wanted to start one of your own. if it grows ill signup maybe but theres too many garbage sites these days that never go anywhere or start just to get people's login info.

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    no it is not my site its a friends and it legit i assure you

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    Threads of this nature either belong here or here.

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    wheres the site hosted? i try to stay away from sites with the name torrents,bit,peer, etc etc etc in them.

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    its not us but not sure its perfectly safe.


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