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Thread: High level trackers

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    it took me sometime to realize this: all of those high level trackers are totally worthless when it's coming to o-day(not big packs),I and countless others want FTN SCT BLA BLA BLA,well i really dont care about them,i got sick of those trackers(because p4invites) ,i really dont want to be in those...
    all that truoble for a stupid site..

    not to mention P2L - the second worst thing i saw after scammers - SCT and iplay you both be ashamed of yourself demandimg and screwing people to paying for filesharing(getting in the tracker), i really can't understand why people still want to get in iplay & SCT...
    totally pointless paying to get access when you can get it for free in 98% of other waste of time...
    you should enlighten SCT's and iplay's staff that the community is what builds the tracker not the MONEY...
    i'v also heard they(SCT's staff) buying with the donation what they can buy with they sallary..(get a job, stop lurking people's money, greedy bastards!)
    TL is all that i want,need and be using , i'm sure there isn't even one person who will disagree with me..
    Anyone can get what they want in TL
    Guys, you should really get a life...
    private trackers (for me) took 14 hours a day(min.), i really can't and won't let this stupid thing seperate me from real people(not online friends),real conversations and seeing people and getting good grades in school...
    i'm declaring, i'm done with the wild gose chase after a lost purpose, Almost all the sites that i'm not using i will giveaway, including invites and accounts,i'm keeping to myself only what's good for me and my self development.
    if i'll be here, you can see that i'll be here
    ONLY for the people...
    everyone did and will do a mistakes, i'm sorry that i dragged myself to trackers rating, i see my friends(real friends), using TL and being happy about it.. it's really inspiring for me..
    To all new members and old ones.. please do yourself a favor , WIAW thread and trackers rating are totally pointless, and chasing after sites..
    I would like to mention i was a trader and i most definitely NOT an anti trader..
    Eeveryone has the choice to do whatever they like along with the risks..
    i'm not for or against those 2 groups that really should stop doing whatever they do..
    you all need to stop being greedy and try ao get every site which I know you'll probably be using TL..
    altough i'm 17 after this thread i fell that i'm more mature then when i was when i started this pointless neven lasting chase..
    i'm happy that i finally wrote my thoughts and expressed them in public
    I fell free
    you shoud do the same..
    express your thoughts here..
    you're more then welcome pming me about grammer mistakes or anything else

    my giveaway will be in a few days which i'll give almost all of my acounts/invites which i dont use..
    anyone willing to join my giveaway are more then welcome to pm me
    thx for reading all of this
    and sorry for the long text
    best regards

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    Don't believe everything you hear.

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    Interesting to read my friend, since it also applies to me. i'm 17 too and have wasted alot of time for this. but happily and fortunately enough FOR ME i have gotten all i want, and my needs have been fulfilled. i hope it has for you too so you dont leave all this depressed knowing you didnt get what you want at the end even though TL has everything you need. GL in whatever your decision is mate.

    btw: about 9 hours is left (you know what i mean)

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    Just use what you have and someday you'll have more.

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    Why do you slam ScT for p2l and praise TL. TL openly admits to making money from their p2l system (which traps users into it unlike a pay for gigs system), and with their member base you can bet they make more than ScT could dream of.

    I agree that you can get pretty much everything you want from TL but the speeds better at both FTN and ScT, so are the forums. Also all the anti-piracy groups are active on TL so you are way more likely to get a cease+desist letter when you use them (just search around and see how many TL users have received warning letters).
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    so much bullshit in one post, i'm impressed

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    Paragraphs and similar typefaces!

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    Interesting read man, I enjoyed it. I only download at 320 kbs at home, which isn't that great considering other people, so speed doesn't really make a difference.

    I'm glad your only 17 and your becoming mature about this. Goodjob

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    I disagree with about everything you wrote asafb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtf0 View Post

    so much bullshit in one post, i'm impressed
    actually its not, you should try it sometime too, not just 5 word replies "blaah blaah fuck blaah nubz"

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