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    Okay I have an Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics with up to 64 mb of shared video memory. Now my specs say that it is down on the chipset and I was wondering what exactly that meant to me as far as upgrading. I do not have an AGP slot will this make a difference in the new graphics card I get. Also what do you all think of the card I already have. Do I really NEED to upgrade? I haven't had any problems but I don't want any with any new games I might get. Thx 4 ne and all help.

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    i have the same gfx card (if u want to call it that) and if u want to play games like splinter cell, bf 1942, or any modern game u need to upgrade. the best choice u have right now is the geforce4 fx5200. it wasnt out when i upgrade my gfx card so i got a gf4 MX440 w/ 64mb ddr and it didnt work so well cuz it keep freezing up games until i install a fan on it and on my case. it work really well now.

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    No AGP slot? That is really going to limit your options. I too have the Intel extreme graphics. I have no problems playing games such as Medal of Honor AA, GTA VC, WWE Raw, and other decent games. Check on for a list of compatible games, because a PCI card won't do much good.

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    any pci card will be better than the intel intergrated grafic card. how can u even play gta vc w/ that. what are ur setting. as for mohaa i have to admit it does run it fairly well.

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    The 82845 graphics aren't too bad. I can play Vice City @ 640X480 16 bit with the draw distance all the way down at full speed. Sure it's lowest settings, but as long as I get to play it!


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