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Thread: I have never had a pig (true story)

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    Since I was little I always dreamed and wished for a little piggy, one that I could call my own.
    When I was young all the big guys in my neighborhood had a big strong pig as a pet and I wished that one of them would see that I need his help.

    I have never had a pig of my own and now im asking you, all generous people out there, please help me and give me a little pink pig of my own so I could nurture him feed (and seed) him and make him grow so one day I would be able to help others and give them there first little piggy.

    Please help me, fulfill a little kid's dream .

    "curiosity killed the fOx"

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    how can anyone trust tha you wiont fuck up the invites?

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    why would i do that? i need it, it would be stupid to ruin the account by trade or any other shit. plus i have ratio proofs if thats what you mean
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    "curiosity killed the fOx"

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    you should post them so atleast if someone wanted to give it to you, they would be able to consider you through your ratio screens and speedtest.

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    ... in the dark! :)
    fOgfOx just send me u'r email

    to be, or not to be... what do u choose?


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