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Thread: What In The Heck Are We Doing Wrong

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    weve been tryng for the last few nights to download some of the pc games on kazaa lite.
    we have no problem downloading them..but we cant, either open them, or use them once we write them to a disc.
    what do you use to open these, ive tried a few programs but they dont do anything.
    <screams while pulling last few grey hairs out> what am i doing wrong.
    i think ive gone through like 6 discs and lots of trime to figure it out myself..

    thanks for any help you can give me

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    Calm down, dont pull ure hairs out of your head

    Their are multiple file types floating around K-lite. This includes

    Compression Files (.zip, .rar, .ace sometimes .exe)
    Setup Files (.exe)
    Viruses (.exe)
    CD Images (.bin, .cue, .iso)

    If you download a compressed file, all you have to do is uncompress it
    Winzip with .zip
    winrar with .rar
    winace with .ace
    and .exe extract themselves

    If it&#39;s a CD image you have to burn it a special way so that it&#39;ll turn into the original game cd.

    Furthermore, you could be doing nothing wrong, it could just be a corrupted file.
    So after satisfying the above conditions, if you still have problems, reply

    Good Luck

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    1 Check out any "readme" file that comes with them

    2 Download any "crack" file that relates to the precise game you&#39;ve got
    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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    Thanks Oldjag, I forgot to add that

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    thank you very much for your response.. im searching for those programs now.. .rar, .ace
    but how do i know which programs those games need to open.. i dont see it when i delve the game before downloading, and i dont see it on the ones ive already downloaded.

    i know.. its a newbie question lol

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    ok i downloaded .rar and this is what it sais when i try to open it.. which is what i get when i try to open any program ive downloaded here.

    "windows cannot access specified device, path or file. you may not have appropriate permision to use this program"

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    first you have to know Exactly what kind of file it is. To find this out, scroll all the way to the right.. if the default settings are still there, you should see the full name of the program. If you don&#39;t see it, hold your mouse over it. See what extention it has. Here&#39;s an example of what to look for
    Kazaa is the package name, .zip is the extention. This means, Winzip would be the best program for this.

    Also, if you are running XP or some other OS that has administrative names, you might want to copy the program to your local files. On XP these are Documents and Settings/username and any other folders inside that. Hope this helps... later

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    first look at the the file size and compare it to the one on verrified ddls or the kazaa lite website.If they match try changing the exetension to .bin or.iso then try extracting with winiso.Sometime that works.



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